Sunday, 24 January 2010

With the snow gone..

With the snow gone things are getting back to normal. The pipes have been fixed at the studio. They've been lagged too, and the lesson learned that the stop-cock gets turned off at any hint of sub-freezing temperatures. Meanwhile at the store things have dried out a little, although the work on chipboard still looks vulnerable. However we looked through the work in the store yesterday, with Jackie and Julian (See Gallery), to choose a couple of larger pieces to put into the forthcoming exhibition. 

That done, we moved some of the shaped canvases to the studio and put them up in the new space we've created in what was the attic. It's a wedge-shaped area, quite large, and ideal for triangular pieces such as these. We also dealt with some of the work that has pigeon poo on it. Fortunately this comes off with warm soapy water and a gentle rub. Dave was plagued by pigeons getting into the studio through the roof space; they sat on the hard-to-reach piles of painting and coo-ed at him. There's a story of him catching one and dispatching it bloodily with an axe. 

Otherwise, I need to plan ahead for the See exhibition, and try and tie this in with some of the visitors who want to follow-up the Radio 4 broadcast with a visit. Several different people have mentioned how they feel a film about Dave, his work, his life, the effort to 'save' the paintings, would make a great film. Some tentative progress has been made with this this space.

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