Friday, 5 January 2018

Hanging the Leicester show

Wednesday and Thursday was spent at Leicester Grammar School hanging paintings and drawings for the 'Trees of Byzantium' exhibition that opens on Friday 26th January (although the students will see the work when their term starts on the 8th). 

Alastair Price, Sean Frith and myself drove down with a van loaded with the four large pieces (although these are made up of 11 separate canvases) and 16 smaller framed pieces. This was in the teeth of Storm Eleanor and was an adventure in itself. When we arrived we were joined by Ella Cole

The school is in a large modern building, and the exhibition is on a first floor passage that runs the whole length of the building, known as The Street. It's an unusual exhibition space, not ideal in some ways, but it does have the virtue of being seen by everyone passing through, as its the main artery of the school building.

By Thursday afternoon we had completed the hanging. It looked good - despite the fact that it's in a corridor, it's a very wide one and has deep bays in which its possible to stand back and look at the work from 4 or 5 yards away, which is necessary to get a good look at the large pieces. It's also possible to see the work from below, in the dining area: