Friday, 28 May 2010

Getting sorted for Reveal

On the weekend of the 12th and 13th of June we're opening up Studio 54 between 11.00am and 4.30pm as part of Reveal: Rossendale Open Studios. 

But the place is still chaotic from the move of the big paintings in April, and the two 'gallery' spaces, that should be the areas where we can exhibit some of Dave's work with a measure of order, are still full of paintings left on the floor or in boxes. Both Margaret and myself are very, very busy with work and it's becoming a big problem working out how we'll make things presentable for the open weekend. 

Yesterday I grabbed a few hours and made some headway on the top floor - repairing a plan chest, and rationalising some of the shelving. If I can find the equivalent of a day between now and the 12th there's a fighting chance I'll be able to put up a few more racks and make up some shelving for the note-books. If I can do this things will be fine, even if not brilliantly arranged. The single biggest problem is I'll need at least another 2 strong people to rehang Asylum 2 - one of Dave's largest pieces, which otherwise dominates the downstairs exhibition room.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Further interesting developments

Last week I met with Julian and Jackie from the See gallery to sort out sales from the recent exhibition, plus their own purchases and we discussed some ideas for how the relationship between the gallery and the Trust might develop in future. They have been truly considerate and engaged partners in this project and we are keen to continue this constructive relationship. 

There have continued to be a few sales and interest in viewing the studio. This I'm squeezing into a busy work schedule, and Margaret too is entering a busy period. It's this kind of situation where a partnership with the See could be very useful. 

I'm also help to plan the Reveal Open Studios weekend (12th and 13th June) when the local artists studios throw open their doors to visitors. Dave's old studio in Haslingden will take part in this and there are a number of jobs we need to get sorted in order to have the studio ready as it's still in a mess from the recent move.

Publicity of the Trust and Dave's work continues. Yesterday we were visited by Emma, a reporter, and Claire, a photographer, from Lancashire Life. They spent a long time with Margaret and myself; not rushing but asking serious and sensible questions about the work and our relationship with Dave. It was a relief after the cursory and rushed visits by some of the national press. We are seriously considering commissioning a film documentary to capitalise on and expand the interest that has grown from the recent interest in Dave and his work.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

A wonderful discovery...

An unexpected email from the grandson of the painter Mckenzie Moss has delivered us a real surprise. 

The portrait of Dave Pearson above was made by Mckenzie in 1962 when Dave lodged with Mckenzie and David Bates in Preston. Mckenzie and David were both ex-students of the Royal College of Arts and lecturers at Preston. Dave had recently joined the staff at Preston and at this date presumably travelled up to Preston from London on a weekly basis.

My thanks to Ben Holland for alerting us to this, and to Mckenzie for her permission to show the painting here.