Friday, 17 July 2009

By the end of the third day...

Job done; though there's still a little rubbish to be cleaned out of the old studio. The builders came for a final check, and I gave them the go ahead to start work.

It's two days short of a year since Dave Pearson died. In that time we've set up a trust; raised money from sales to cover moving the work out of the studio; and now started work on restoration of the building.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Moving the paintings- day two

The photograph shows part of the storage space at Albion Mill, where we've just finished the first two days of moving everything from Dave Pearson's studio in Haslingden. It also gives an insight into just how much work Dave has left, and the scale of it.

Margaret Mytton is organising the Albion Mill end of the operation; trying hard and against all odds to divvy up the work into similar shaped and sized canvases in order to store them safely. Chris Pearson is supervising the studio end of the operation. I'm driving - so far there has been 9 luton van loads. We're all being helped and supported by a team of great helpers who have made the job thus far possible - Paul, Sue, Ro, Col, Rich, Nathan, Julian, Kay, Barbara, Shaun and Roseanne.

Tomorrow is the last day that we've put aside for the job. The hire van goes back Friday morning, so we've got to clear the space. Although 80% of the bulk has already been moved, what's left are the smaller, fiddly things, plus hundreds - thousands probably - of large drawings. These will be hard to carry and load, so tomorrow will be a tough day.

I heard from the solicitor yesterday that the transfer of the building had been completed, so the next step - after tomorrow - is to get all the restoration work started; meaning the builders can move in.

Friday, 10 July 2009

The keys arrive

Today I went and collected the keys for the storage unit. Next week we're spending three days moving everything out of Dave's old studio. It'll be an epic task.

But then we're able to turn a major corner. I can get the dry-rot treated; repair the woodwork; do a basic re-wiring; and tidy and paint the place. Then we'll move back the work in.

I think I'll also take possession of the studio this week. Meaning I've bought it from Chris, Dave's son, and I'll be able to rent it back to the Trust. It feels like we've moved a long, long way - and its just a year since Dave died.