Saturday, 20 August 2011


Screen grab from 'To Byzantium' - moving work from Globe Arts Studios

1,000 clear wrapped copies of the DVD 'To Byzantium' have arrived from the duplication plant. They are piled up in the See Gallery, waiting for distribution - which will start immediately after the launch at the Cornerhouse in two weeks time. They look great.

Invites have been sent out and people are beginning to call in to reserve their seats. Margaret Mytton is helping Julian in chasing people up for their RSVPs. Further, Derek Smith, the director of the film, has shown it to Alex Kann, at the Community Channel, and he has said that they are keen to show it as part of an upcoming arts season.

Mental Note: The Trust urgently needs to prepare itself for these events. We need to decide how we'll respond to all sorts of possible enquiries once the film has been released, and as it begins to be seen more widely. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


A reminder that on Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th of September we're holding the annual REVEAL Open Studios event in Rossendale. 

Once again Dave Pearson's old studio in Haslingden will take part, this year with a completely new exhibition and also a special showing all weekend of the new film 'TO BYZANTIUM' about Dave's life and work. 

Julian and Jackie of the See Gallery have sent out invites now for the launch of the film the previous weekend at the Cornerhouse and we're beginning to get replies. We're particularly delighted that Edward Lucie-Smith will be able to travel up from London for the showing.