Tuesday, 31 July 2018


There's a week left of the 'Return to Byzantium' exhibition at the Turnpike, and I've revisited several times this last month. There's also been some great feedback, and a couple of reviews including one online from Corridor8:

"Like Yeats’ poem, Pearson’s work has a mystical quality about it. Images emerge, fall back, and re-emerge with new detail as your eyes dart across the paintings and attempt to decipher their message. You fall into a lucid dream-like state where the bizarre characters within the works develop narratives of their own: ‘Hi Pink Antler Guy, where are you asking to take me?’"

I continue to be very impressed by what the Turnpike offer. Every time I've visited there's been activity in the gallery space. Usually sessions for children and families, responding to the paintings through dance, writing, or drawing. Several friends have come over too, including an old friend who travelled from Amsterdam, in large part to see the show. There's no doubt that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I'm now feeling sad that these great paintings are soon to return to 54 Manchester Road and be placed back in stacked up piles. Waiting how long before they're taken out to be seen again?