Friday, 7 December 2018

The DP Shop...

The previous blog was about setting up our on-line shop selling only original artwork by Dave Pearson.

We've been able to do this fairly easily because of our cataloguing of Dave's work being done with software that has recently been fully connected with the internet, and hence enabled web trading. 

So three weeks ago we put our shop on-line with 7 galleries of artworks, and an eighth gallery where we could sell our film and catalogues. In total we put up 120 pieces of Dave's artwork for sale. 

Since then we've sold well. With nothing to compare it to I imagined that we might, if things went well, sell perhaps one item a week. In fact we've sold more than three times that. Our very recent sales include the following pieces:

The experience has been an exciting one. It's been great to discover that on-line selling can be fun, and we've made contact with new buyers and enthusiasts for Dave's work as a result. We've also had to learn fast about packaging and mailing out artwork...

In the New Year we'll update our stock to keep things fresh and lively. To take a close look simply go to