Sunday, 12 August 2012


All around Dave's old studio drawings, prints, gouaches and other works on paper are appearing in small piles. This is the result of Julian ongoing selection of pieces for the September exhibition 'Dave Pearson: Works on Paper' which the See Gallery will be holding during the Open Studio weekend and the surrounding month or so. 

Works are also being set aside for a possible London exhibition, of which more as the story unfolds. Finally house-keeping is taking place - security shutters have been installed at the rear of the building, and dripping taps have been fixed. Suddenly, the studio is beginning to see a lot of activity again after the quiet summer. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Works on paper

I'm back from a (partly) working holiday and straight into a meeting at Dave's old studio in Haslingden. Julian and Jackie from the See Gallery want to discuss their plans for an exhibition of Dave's work on paper as part of the Reveal Open Studio weekend in September. This will also mean the re-opening of a re-vamped See Gallery, and a great opportunity to show examples of the often overlooked output of Dave's drawings, pastels, gouaches, and prints. 

Julian and Jackie had already been through some of the folders and drawers that Margaret and I haven't found time for; and they have unearthed some gems. These will all need to be framed, and as the number of pieces are substantial the chosen works need to be at the framers by this weekend. 

So I spent an hour or so looking through their choices. The idea is to represent all stages of Dave's creative life, and I was continually astounded and surprised by the inventiveness and sheer joy of these works. 

This will be a very special exhibition. Mark 22nd and 23rd September in your diaries - the date of the Open Studio weekend, although the See exhibition will be open for a longer period than just that weekend. Full details of dates and opening times will follow.