Sunday, 18 November 2012

Scratching the surface

Sorry, not many blog entries recently - but things continue to move forward, with Julian and Jackie dealing with plenty of sales and other inquiries about Dave's work. I've been finding it hard to keep up with providing them with the necessary certificates of provenance and invoices. 

Cataloguing the collection continues spasmodically too, and we've almost reached number 1500 in the Catalogue of Work. This is slightly misleading as numbering started, I believe, at number 110, and then there has been a few spoiled entries - still it means at least 1300 works must have been catalogued - for many artists a life-times work. In Dave's case however this has hardly scratched the surface and probably represents considerably less than 10% of the work that the Trust holds. 

I cycled up to the studio today to measure some of the pieces that I needed to catalogue  - including the three heads in the previous blog. At first I couldn't find the green portrait, when I did I found that it actually looks more like this:

So apologies for the washed out image in the earlier blog - a reminder of how photographs can be actively misleading if they aren't carefully colour-matched. Something Margaret spends a lot of her time  doing.