Sunday, 16 February 2014

Preparations for York

In between work at Horse + Bamboo Theatre I'm undertaking various jobs that need to be done in order to prepare for the upcoming exhibition of Dave's work in York. Today, for example, I went over to the theatre workshop and created simple frames for two of the relief paintings Dave made in 1981 for the 'In the Seven Woods' series which grew from the earlier 'Calendar Customs' work of the 1970s. Both of these sets of work were derived from imagery relating to  English folk events. 

This past week I've also written and designed a simple leaflet for the exhibition, which went to the printers on Friday, and I now have a selection of between 24 and 28 paintings to take along to York in early March for hanging the exhibition and about a dozen of these are currently at the framer.

So preparations are well advanced. The show is 'Dave Pearson: Colourist' at the 'According to McGee' gallery on Tower Street, York. It opens 1pm Saturday 15th March and runs until 5th April.