Monday, 14 January 2019

Van Gogh's 'Bedroom'

In the process of tidying up my office I just came across some old photos of Dave's. They were mostly from the late 1960s, about the time I first met him. It's when he was in the middle of a period of work which was totally dominated by Vincent Van Gogh. He worked in all mediums, but the biggest and most impressive pieces were large paper-mache reconstructions of some of Van Gogh's painting. Nearly all of Dave's work from this period has gone - either fallen apart or broken up to make space for later pieces. 

Van Gogh's 'Bedroom'. Dave built this slightly larger than life size. It was exhibited, I think at Liverpool's Bluecoat Gallery, along with other pieces from this period. Interestingly its mentioned (and illustrated) in Thames and Hudson's 'Environments and Happenings' by Adrian Henri, published in 1974. It says..."David Pearson. an obsessional artist from Lancashire, has emerged as one of the most exciting new artists in a series of recent shows. His work is almost entirely motivated by the life and work of Van Gogh...".

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year - and a Sale!

The On-line Shop (see previous posts), offering a selection of smaller works by Dave Pearson has been a success - selling considerably more work in the pre-Christmas period than we had expected. 

But one surprise was that the prints - the etchings and drypoints that make up two of the seven categories on sale - didn't sell better than they did. I hoped that they would do well on-line, in part because they can be viewed quite well on a screen. This is in contrast to the paintings where, inevitably, the details of the brushwork get lost. Below are details of four example prints:

Admittedly they have to be sold at a price that covers the printing costs, because unlike the other work which is simply in storage at the studio, we have to ask the master printer Alan Birch to create new editions for us, and cover his costs. 

So we're trying out a new idea - which is to join the January sales, and reduce the price of each print by £100! It will be interesting to see if this results in selling some of these wonderful artworks. They are all in verified limited editions, and once sold this won't be repeated.

The Calendar Customs series of etchings are particularly amazing, full of detail from Dave's exhaustive researches into English customs. They are very attractive and absolutely crammed with minute detail: 

The Dave Pearson On-line Shop website is at