Sunday, 31 January 2010

Untypical pieces of artwork

At the moment there are two things happening in parallel - preparing for a show of Dave's work at the See Gallery, and moving things around in the studio to get ready for bringing in the remainder of his work from the store. 

Julian and Jackie from the See spent two evenings last week selecting pieces. I've left them very much to make their own choices and, in the event, they have chosen a number of unusual, even untypical, pieces. One of which, a large oil of a nude, I've put above. I think this will make for an interesting exhibition - I can't wait to see the pieces framed and hung. The plan was to open on Friday 12th, but Julian has hinted that he would prefer to delay for another week. 

Margaret was able to help for a few hours last week, and went through the boxes that had been damaged by damp a few weeks ago. A lot of these were photocopies and will be thrown away; just a few were paintings or drawings that she has rescued and taken home to dry out.

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