Saturday, 16 January 2010

Burst pipe

I've been having to walk a mile to my car every morning because of the snow and ice - the van is still immovable. But yesterday I also needed my tools so went to Dave's studio for the first time in over a week, walking on the main road and risking the traffic over the treacherous pavements. Things looked fine as I unlocked the doors, but in the distance was the unmistakeable sound of running water. 

As I opened the door to the kitchen the sound was far louder - and water and spray was rushing down from the ceiling. The floor was soaking and the new paintwork was washing off the walls. I ran upstairs and under the toilet sink I saw water bubbling up from the floor. Then the cellar - was the stopcock there? No, but it was covered in puddles of water. Finally I located the stopcock tap and turned it; what a relief not to have that sound adding to the sense of panic. 

OK, so to take stock. No paintings damaged; soaking walls, a small hole in the kitchen ceiling damaged paintwork - and wet floors. Actually, it could have been far worse. I think it must have started that night, with the thaw, so very lucky that I turned up when I did. I rang Mark and Ray, our builders - yes, they will come round and sort it out. Phew...


  1. Thank goodness you were there and that the builders are able to sort it out promptly. I hope this doesn't put too much of a dent in the funds. Is it covered by insurance?

  2. Haven't checked the insurance - I imagine the excess will probably be, well, excessive... but I'll check.