Sunday, 17 January 2010

...and more water

Went over to the store today, where the big paintings (and still a fair few smaller ones) are. I had checked on Friday, after the burst pipe in the studio, and everything seemed fine. At first it looked the same - then I noticed a few small puddles; then I started touching some of the pieces on the river side wall - damp or, in some cases, soaked through. Luckily none of the major pieces had been affected, but a wall of about 40 box files was saturated. Mostly, these contained photocopies for Dave's research. We moved all of these to drier areas. Two A1 folders were very wet, and one sketchbook, and I've taken these to dry out at the studio. About 20 paintings on chipboard have some damage too, but on the whole, we've been lucky. I turned up before too much harm could be done....

Where did this water come from? Not the pipes in the unit. Maybe from the upstairs units. Or leakage through the walls or roof. Whatever, not great for a place where artwork is being stored. 

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