Saturday, 9 January 2010

BBC broadcast

There's now a blog on the BBC iPM website about Dave and the strong possibility that the piece about the work of the Trust in restoring the studio will be broadcast on PM, Radio 4, at 5.30 this afternoon. It's entitled

And by clicking on this link you can also listen to the interview as a BBC iPlayer podcast.


  1. Thanks to you Bob and the rest of the trust members for all your work. I've just heard the interview on iPM - a nice surprise as I was making banana bread to use up the last of the almost passed it Christmas left overs. I've forwarded the BBC link to more of Dave's ex students as far away as Vietnam and Botswana so hopefully the word will continue to spread.
    Thanks again,
    Valerie Clarke

  2. Hi Valerie, many thanks for your comments and also your message on the iPM webpage. I agree that a longer feature, ideally on film, about Dave's work would be very interesting and make a wonderful programme.

  3. I was thinking more about a film of Dave's life and work: wouldn't that be wonderful? But I also have misgivings since he was such a private man. What do you think? I would hate to encourage anything that he would have disapproved of yet can't help thinking that a film would further enhance his reputation, and perhaps could be timed to help boost attention to the monograph. Would it be worth an approach to the BEEB? Or a small independent film production company? Surely there could be arts funding for this.

  4. I wouldn't bank on there being funding but eventually I would like to make such a film. Anything involving publicising Dave's life and work (but life especially) is going to mean treading a path that Dave wouldn't have taken himself but that doesn't mean that it isn't worth doing. Dave's way enabled him to concentrate fully on what he wanted to do and what he believed in; but life has moved on, and now the important thing is that anything like this is done well.... Bob