Sunday, 1 February 2009

An auction - and an exhibition!

I met with Julian (of the See Gallery) last weekend and he discussed the idea of an exhibition of Dave's work at their gallery to coincide with our auction. At first I wondered if these events would compete with one another but, on reflection, it felt that so long as the material in the exhibition was chosen to complement that in the auction it would be a wonderful opportunity to show a wider range of Dave's work.

There's absolutely no shortage of artwork, and we could easily show paintings at the See as the auction will largely be of works on paper. Julian and Jackie stressed that they would like to offer the Trust an opportunity to show Dave's work to other parties - dealers, galleries and so on. This is extremely generous of them and we're very grateful to their commitment to help us in developing Dave Pearson's legacy. This whole process has reminded me of the great goodwill in our local community of artists, painters and their supporters.

So, today I've made a final selection of work to auction. This won't be until February 25th but I now need to leave plenty of time to sort out paintings for the exhibition at the See. Next week I'll discuss the details of publicising the exhibition with Julian, while Margaret has been busy this week sending out information about the auction to Dave's friends and colleagues .

With all of this going on it's easy to forget the problems of storage and the dry-rot in the studio. But Chris Pearson has been focusing on this issue. Its not going to go away - before long we have some very difficult decisions to make. In the meantime I'm also in the process of setting up a bank account for the Dave Pearson Trust so once the solicitors have done their bit we're ready to act immediately....and by act I mean have, we hope, money to bank for the Trust as a result of a successful auction.

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