Saturday, 24 January 2009

Planning an auction of work

This weekend we’re meeting to plan the auction that will take place at the Boo in Waterfoot in 3 weeks time. The idea is to combine giving an opportunity for Dave’s friends and colleagues to buy some of his work with raising money for the Dave Pearson Trust, which will look after his work and legacy.

John Spedding, one of Dave’s colleagues at Globe Art Studios will take the role of auctioneer. We need to work out the logistics of bidding and selling efficiently, as well as taking payments and giving receipts and such like. I’ve already selected about 60 pieces for the auction – a representative selection of prints, drawings and small paintings. The final choice will be to add another 10 or so pieces, probably slightly larger paintings, to make a really good range of work for the auction. We thought that 70 pieces would be enough, given that we don’t want the event to run longer than 90 minutes or so.

I’ll also be going over to the See Gallery to collect Dave’s paintings from their Christmas exhibition, which has now closed. Plus, I hope, a cheque for the work sold. Julian, from the See, telephoned last week to discuss the possibility of a small show of Dave’s work to coincide with the auction. It would be good to have an opportunity to see some of his larger pieces as well as the smaller work in the auction.

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