Saturday, 14 February 2009


Delivered 40 plus paintings to the See Gallery yesterday, and made final arrangements for the exhibition of Dave’s work. We agreed that we would open the exhibition on the same day as the auction so anyone travelling a long distance to the one can easily visit the other. Makes sense, but Margaret has already mailed out she says ‘hundreds and hundreds’ of invites with the old date on (Friday 20th Feb) so she will now need to circulate something announcing the change to Wednesday 25th.

Setting a price on the work is – as always - difficult. As someone who sold very little during his lifetime (he didn’t really make much effort to) there isn’t a template to fall back on. Do you set the prices low and risk devaluing the work, or high and risk not selling? The classic market dilemma – but complicated by how price may be related to reputation. Will the galleries we would like to see representing Dave’s work be put off by ‘wrong’ pricing? I would hope that the quality of the work would be the important factor, but I somehow doubt that is always the case.

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