Saturday, 2 May 2009

The long break between these blogs has been, in part, because we've been making arrangements to purchase Dave's studio from Chris Pearson. This has meant, of course, finding the money to make the purchase; agreeing on the price; and setting up the process with a solicitor. Now these crucial steps have taken place they're easier to write about here. This is a major development for the Dave Pearson Trust which, after the sale has taken place, will lease the studio back at a rent which covers rates, insurance and heat and light. 

Our timetable now is for the purchase to take place asap - hopefully by the end of June; then the artwork to be moved into temporary storage whilst builders move in to deal with the dry-rot, and then the basic building works that are required such as re-wiring, plastering and painting. Our aim is to have this sorted by October, when the work can be returned to the studio and properly ordered. 

So, now we're able to look back 9 months after Dave's death at some considerable achievements:  
  • The setting up of a Dave Pearson Trust
  • Setting up a website for the Trust
  • Raising money for the Trust from an auction and a successful exhibition
  • Starting the process of cataloguing Dave's work
  • Buying the studio in order to establish a proper archive for the work.
That we've been able to achieve so much in such a short time is due in part because of the help we've received from a large number of people and businesses; from the local artists who were Dave's friends at Globe Arts and other local artist studios, from Julian and Jackie at the See Gallery for their support and encouragement; and from Dave's friends and family who have supported us at the auction and exhibitions.    

On behalf of the three trustees - thank you everybody for all of your help and support.

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