Thursday, 16 April 2009

Storage Pt2

Yesterday we went to see the top floor of Albion Mill that B&E Boys has offered us as free storage for Dave's work while we refurbish the studio. Plenty of space - it's the old Albion extension of Globe Arts which originally housed several painters studios. The lift is small and the larger paintings will have to be carried up the stairs. And that's where the problem lies. The stairs are wide, but the ceiling in places is very low; combined with the fact that the lowest points coincide with the turns on the stairwell. Frustrating as otherwise the Mill would be a perfect solution to our storage problem as it is both dry and spacious. 

I've also designed a 'Certificate of Authentication'. Dave signed very few pieces of work and now we're selling some of the buyers are concerned to have evidence that their purchase is an original. So we, the Dave Pearson Trust, will provide these forms to demonstrate the provenance of the artwork. 

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