Saturday, 11 April 2009


The issue of storing Dave's artwork while the studio is restored to good condition is now our single biggest priority. Margaret went to Albion Mill and looked at the storage space kindly offered us by Brian and Michael Boys. She says it's a good space; certainly large enough and on the whole dry. The only problem is access as the lift is small, and the storage area on the second floor. Nevertheless it's clearly a potential solution and, so long as we can get a team of at least 5 people to help with a move, quite do-able.  I've promised to cost out more conventional solutions and also look at a nearby shop premises which has been advertised as a let for some time. Then we'll get together and make a final decision. Clearly it would be sensible to do this, and to plan to move back into the studio before next winter arrives.

The exhibition at the See Gallery is now over. The unsold work is in storage there, but I'll have to arrange to bring it all back soon. Julian and Jackie still have the large 'Asylum' relief hanging in the garage/gallery over the road from their main space - so it is still possible for a visitor to see something of the work in a good space. 

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