Sunday, 17 May 2009

Authentication - the best way?

We've had another request to provide a certificate for one of Dave's pieces of work that was sold at the recent exhibition at the See Gallery. As I mentioned a few blogs ago, I've designed a form that the Trust issues to prove the provenance of the work, so dealing with this particular request is no particular problem.

I think this is an interesting issue. Up until taking on responsibility for Dave Pearson's work I had really thought that whether a painter signs their work or not was simply a matter of personal preference or style, but dealing with the estate I now see the other side of the equation. Dave signed very few of his pieces. Those he has signed are usually pieces that had been exhibited, which are relatively few. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar issue to deal with, and how they resolved it. At the moment our Certificate of Authentication is an A4 sheet of paper signed by one of the three members of the Trust and also gives details about the title, media, size etc of the piece.  I've heard of a stamp being used. Any one out there with experience of this? 

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