Sunday, 29 March 2009

Just a few days more...

There's now just a few days left to visit the See Gallery and catch the Dave Pearson exhibition. It's been changed around as things have been sold since the opening, so even if you saw it early on it's worth another visit. On Friday it closes. The experience of the exhibition has been a very good one, and in the past few days I've been able to meet, at the See, several people from arts organisations and galleries who may well prove valuable contacts in the future.

We've sold a good number of pieces, and I'll reckon up with Julian and Jackie this week. The result will be to improve the bank balance for the Dave Pearson Trust - not before time since the business tax on the studio now needs to be paid. A bigger decision will also have to be made soon about the future of the building. We've had a surveyor checking the property over and the result suggests that although the building is structurally sound there are plenty of problems that need remedial work before it can be put into use as storage for the artwork. I can raise money to purchase the building but a price needs to be agreed with Chris Pearson who owns it. Inevitably there's a gap between the estimated value quoted by our surveyor in his report and that suggested to Chris by the estate agents. This needs to be resolved, and I expect we'll meet soon to discuss the issue.

Whatever the outcome the artwork will have to be moved to other storage place whilst repairs are made to the studio. The Trust will have to pay for this and storage doesn't come cheap, so we'll need to build up our financial reserves while we can.

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