Friday, 13 March 2009

A bank account

I’ve been busy this week with other work but last weekend I tidied up all the paperwork left from the auction. Artlook is very useful, printing out automatic receipts and lists and balances, so double checking the income was relatively easy. The Trust bank account has now been opened at the Co-op Bank (very helpful and professional), and although the cheque book hasn’t arrived I’ve at least been able to bank the money.

A couple of days ago we had a surveyor inspect the studio and I’m awaiting a report on the soundness of the structure. From that we’ll make a final decision as to what to do with the building in the long term. It’s already clear that treating the dry rot can’t wait much longer, and Chris is keen to sell the building in order to raise much needed money to spend on the house. Dave’s immersion in his work undoubtedly meant that he neglected other things, including his house and studio. But with no studio we’ll have a major storage problem – decisions on these things will be our next step.

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