Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The dust settles

The exhibition has continued to go well – certainly in the sense of visitors, good feedback, and a number of sales. At the weekend Julian and Jackie (of the See Gallery) asked me to bring over some more paintings as it was becoming clear exactly what was arousing most interest from visitors. It paid off; two pieces were sold before they are even got to be hung on the walls. This is part of the purpose of the exhibition - to find out how best to present the work, and what pieces are proving interesting to buyers.

The photograph above is from the auction. It shows, from the left, John (the auctioneer) and Ruth, with Margaret Mytton and Chris Pearson.

Now these events are over (the auction) and under control (the exhibition), we need to look to the next step. The issue of the dry-rot in the studio has not, of course, gone away and we need to think urgently about storage of the work so we that can ask contractors in to deal with the problem. We also need to use the remaining month of the exhibition to widen interest in Dave’s work, attracting other galleries and collectors.

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