Wednesday, 21 January 2015

An exhibition in York soon...

We're waiting for confirmation from Greg and Ails McGee who have the 'According to McGee' Gallery in York of a date for an early Spring exhibition of Dave's work.

The exhibition we held at the gallery last year was a big success, and Greg and Ails have asked the Trust to put together a second show for the space. The date they suggested was late February but we need a little longer to put something good together. I'm hoping for mid-March through Easter, but still are waiting for the gallery to confirm this. 

I'm thinking about what aspect of Dave's work to explore in the show. ATM is a small gallery and so lends itself to showing smaller pieces of work, such as work on paper. But there isn't much time to get much work framed, and so I'm considering looking at the output on canvas of a transitional period in Dave's output. One possibility is the period in the mid and late 1980's which spans the period after the Calendar Customs series and before the start of work on Sailing to Byzantium which, with Byzantium, occupied Dave for almost the whole of the next decade. 

The example above is a canvas about 1 metre square, and typical of this transitional period. It's also a time in which Dave painted the stunning 'Jarrow March' triptych that hangs in the Horse + Bamboo office, and you can see similarities in the composition and drawing.

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