Sunday, 21 December 2014


Christmas and New Year Greetings to all followers of the Artist's Estate blog or indeed anyone excited and interested by Dave Pearson's work. 

You may well have already received our Seasonal Newsletter featuring the painting above, which Ella uncovered recently when she opened up a folder of Dave's school and student works. If so, apologies for flagging up an exhibition we're all looking forward to - in 2105! A few of you noticed, or bothered to comment on, this typo which we promptly wrote off as being entirely deliberate. In fact it was, of course, meant to be 2015 and we are indeed expecting a second show in the first part of next year at the According to McGee Gallery, York. So, no need to wait those 90 years after all. 

Best wishes from Chris Pearson, Margaret Mytton, Bob Frith and Ella Cole.

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