Sunday, 23 September 2012

Reveal 2012

Reveal - Rossendale Artists Open Studio weekend was, this year, deliberately held on the same weekend as the Horse + Bamboo Puppet Festival in Waterfoot. This enabled both events to their share publicity costs and was entirely sensible - making a larger event with lots on offer for both adults and children. The one downside for me was that I needed to be at Waterfoot for almost the whole weekend and so unable to enjoy a visit to the artists studios. So with the exception of one 15 minute visit to see Dave's exhibition at the See Gallery I saw none of the studio shows - I saw lots of great puppet shows, but no painting.

The See Gallery, which has a history of low attendances during the Open Studio event (probably because people choose to go to those exhibitions that are only open to the public once a year rather than one that is open for most of the time) had, this year, a large number of visitors. Dave's work looked great in the re-furbished gallery (above), and sales of his works on paper have been excellent - with something like 50% of the exhibits having been sold. 

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