Sunday, 16 September 2012


Less than a week until the 'Works on Paper' exhibition opens at the See Gallery, and preparations are well underway. The framed pieces will arrive from the framers on Tuesday, and I'll be spending that evening with Julian finalising titling and suchlike, and making sure that each piece is properly entered into the Catalogue of Work. 

I'm really excited about this show - it will be fascinating to see a selection of Dave's drawings taken from different stages throughout his life, presented in one space. The gallery itself has also had an overhaul. Julian and Jackie used to live above the gallery but have moved during the summer period of its closure, so it also be interesting to see what they've made of the newly re-arranged exhibition spaces that make up the gallery. 

At the same time Margaret Mytton is recording works in oil paint that may form the basis for a second London show some time in the future, as well as continuing her preparation of a new website focusing on the 'Book of Revelation' series made by Dave in the mid-1970s.

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