Sunday, 4 March 2012

Portraits and a poster

It's been a weekend of work on our Press Release, the mailing list and on the catalogue for the Bermondsey exhibition. 

Some changes to the planned catalogue have been agreed by Margaret Mytton and Edward Lucie-Smith, and we've also been discussing the poster design. Two blogs ago, on Sunday 12th February, I focused on the 'signature' image to help us promote the show:

That self-portrait, an old favourite of mine, was used in the very first short monograph we created, shortly after the formation of the Dave Pearson Trust. Margaret has been a little concerned that it may be over-familiar to some people, so the  possibility of using an alternative image - or even two different images - has arisen. The portrait at the top of the page is suggested as that alternative. 

So we're now having an amicable debate about the merits of the two images to publicise the show; or do we use both? Any strong feelings one way or the other out there? We would be interested to hear them...


  1. They are both brilliant paintings Bob. For the catalogue image, perhaps the top one may be better. It's so vibrant and eye catching.

    Anyway - whatever you choose will be right.


  2. Thanks Keith - we're still umm-ing and aww-ing! Bob