Friday, 19 March 2010

Progress - and a twisted knee

We made good progress on Monday moving the smaller items from the store in Albion Mill. Without Jonny Quick's help I simply couldn't have done it. In the event it turned out to be (surprise, surprise) a bigger job than I envisaged. We cleared out, and filled a skip with, all the rubbish and moved all the smaller paintings. But the plan chests had more works on paper in them than I remembered, and drawer after drawer revealed quite amazing treasures.

Then, mid-afternoon I twisted my knee and couldn't do much. Fortunately Julian Williams (See gallery) dropped everything and came to the rescue, working with Jonny to carry the drawers full of work into the studio. So at the end of the day most everything was done - but there's still a metre-deep pile of work on paper to be brought over, and all the drawers of work need to be carried up to the top floor of the studio. Then, finally, the downstairs storage rooms need to be emptied in time for the removers over Easter - when the large works will come back home to the studio.

So the removal company have now been booked - for the two days after Easter Bank Holiday Monday. I now need some help with the final jobs (see above) and I'm appealing for volunteers - so it's fingers crossed!

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