Sunday, 14 March 2010

The next phase

On Monday the next phase starts! We're spending the day at the storage space doing two things - firstly, moving out (to the studio) anything that will fit into my mid-size Toyota van, and second, tidying the store so that only the large paintings remain there.

To recap - when Dave's studio was cleared out for the refurbishment all his work was put into storage in an old mill space, roughly 6 miles away. Since the work was completed on the studio I've gradually brought the smaller pieces back, and in December we had an opening to celebrate that fact. But since then a large number of big paintings (300?) have remained at the store. This isn't great as its (a) damp, and (b) costs about £400 a month in rent. So tomorrow the final step in moving everything back to the studio starts.

By big paintings, by the way, I mean canvases of about 1.5 x 2.2 metres in size.

Then over Easter I'll hire a remover with a big van to recover the big paintings and (with help) I'll move these back to the studio, and the whole storage issue will be over. No more damp or rental to pay.

My worry is that we'll actually fit all the big paintings back in. Logically they all came out, so they should go back. But I've taken over the ground floor front room, which is the most accessible space, as a gallery room. So without this it's possible we won't have enough space to return all the work. I'll report when when we cross that bridge....

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