Sunday, 7 February 2010

Preparing for the opening

Jackie has been arranging paintings at the See Gallery and came, with her friend Amanda, to meet me at the store and then the studio to select another painting or two to fit unfilled places on the gallery walls. The fact that we have so many of Dave's paintings means that there's nearly always something that will fit, whatever the hole on the wall.

I looked in at the Gallery later. Although nothing was hung, things were placed or suspended and it was just possible to get an impression of what the final display might look like.  I think it will be very interesting, particularly as so much that has been chosen falls outside of Dave's major series such as the early Van Gogh work, or the Byzantium work that took up most of his time in the 1990s. 

We've included a few of the Bestiary paintings that have been stored at Globe Arts studios. These are a revelation to me, as I've only seen them in photographs. These were probably Dave's last major series of oil paintings as his work from 2000 was mainly on paper or, see above, string and nail assemblages. 

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