Monday, 15 February 2010

Dave Pearson : Unseen Works

It has been a busy few days. On Friday night the See gallery opened on the new exhibition of Dave's work. One of the visitors was Derek Smith, a film-maker who travelled up from London to see the work and hear more about Dave. On Saturday Margaret and I took Derek to see the studio and the store of work, and discuss more about Dave and the possibility of making a film about him. Derek thought that an hour long film was possible; that Dave's life and work made a great story. Derek made the film on Lucien Freud's sitters (models) for Border TV, and more recently a long feature on Edward Lear and his travels - broadcast on Sky Arts. 

The opening itself was good - the usual See opening with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere; a lot of interest in the work, and quite a crowd. Someone who couldn't make the opening was Rob Dobson, who had worked on a show at the Bede Gallery in Jarrow with Dave and myself back in 1975. Rob appeared on Sunday with his wife Nicola and youngest daughter, Lotte. On Sunday I took them round to the gallery, the studio, and the store. There was a lot to catch up on as I hadn't seen Rob for over 30 years. A lot of reminiscing about Dave and the usual astonishment at the quality and quantity of work that he has left behind. 

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