Thursday, 26 November 2009

Invitations - and work-in-progress

The invitations for the opening, re-opening, of Dave's old studio in Haslingden arrived from the printers today and I've started sending them out. It's only going to be open for one Friday evening (December 11th, 6.30 - 9.00 pm) and the afternoons of the following weekend.

The opening will be, in the main, for old friends of Daves, colleagues and collectors - but also for anyone interested in finding out what the Trust have been doing. The studio building is, as I write, still covered in dust (I am too) and the builders won't be out until next week. But excellent progress has been made, and its exactly this work-in-progress that I hope we'll celebrate in a few weeks time.

Some of Dave's work will be moved back to the studio - in fact as much as I can handle as we want to be rid of the burden of paying the monthly rent on the storage (plus the rates, water rates, and utility bill). There's promise of help these next few weeks from friends, so I'm very hopeful that the building will look good and be back in the business of housing Dave's paintings by the time we re-open.

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