Monday, 23 November 2009

Beginning to feel - exciting

The first of the rooms (above) to be completed and ready to receive Dave's work back from its stay in storage. Actually this is one of the smallest rooms in the studio and there's still a tremendous amount to be done. But with a deadline of December 11th now official, we've now got our work cut out - and a timetable to work to.

Today John Spedding and Ruth Evans helped myself and Kay, and how things moved so much faster! The floor upstairs is now just about finished being painted, and John made progress in painting the toilet cupboards and skirtings.

I went to the printers today and passed over the artwork for the invitation (hence the deadline, now confirmed). Next week the text for the monograph will arrive from Margaret, and I'll pass that on for printing in its turn. I would say that - it's beginning to get exciting!

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