Friday, 26 June 2009

A turning point

Anyone following this blog will be forgiven for thinking that it had gone cold. The truth is that I've been waiting for a number of key things to happen, all to do with solving our biggest immediate problems; namely, the issue of what to do with the studio, its dry rot infestation, and the storage of Dave's paintings in the meantime. Up until recently this has all been in the hands of solicitors.
Until two hours ago. I've just returned from a series of meetings around Rossendale that have achieved the things necessary to move forward on each front. First, I've put the payment down for the purchase of Dave Pearson's studio. The sale should now be completed by the end of the month, or very shortly afterwards. I then met a building company who looked over the studio with an eye to quoting me for dealing with the dry-rot and any repairing and replacing any associated work such as flooring and plastering. Best of all they were able to start this work soon. A word of warning - I still need to see their quote for the work.
Finally I went to B & E Boys and put down the deposit and paid two months rent for a store to hold all of Dave's work while the building work gets done.
So - great joy! The picture above, by the way, is a typical view inside the studio. There are nine rooms, some larger than others, packed with paintings large and small, drawings and reliefs, as well as plan chests and shelves groaning with work.

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