Friday, 5 June 2009

New paintings on show

It has been a ridiculously busy day but the end result is a show at the Boo, in Waterfoot, Rossendale, for Open Studio weekend, containing several of Dave's large oil paintings. These have rarely been shown and look fabulous in the space. 

In Dave's studio it's almost impossible to see them as things are so cramped. But here, in the relatively spacious surround of the Boo, you can step back and take in the colours and details. For a few I've had to make an inspired guess that they are the right way up. 

I'm hoping the weekend is a success - which ultimately means well attended. All of the artist's studios in Rossendale have put a lot of effort into making this a special group event, so it's fingers crossed. At the Boo show, although it's an opportunity to see some of the larger paintings, there's also a few medium sized reliefs and oils, as well as really affordable gouaches, both framed and unframed. Don't hesitate - come along! There's free refreshments too....

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