Thursday, 6 September 2018

An on-line shop

I've been working with Ella Cole to create a new on-line shop for purchasing Dave Pearson's work. It's an opportunity that has grown from upgrading the Artlook software that Ella has been using these past few years to catalogue Dave Pearson's work.

At the end of last year Artlook undertook a major overhaul of their software which enabled the catalogue to benefit from cloud technology for storage and our Macs to easily engage with a catalogue which previously been limited to PCs. 

One of the best things about these changes is that the new software comes with a website which can be fairly easily made into a shop for selling work. We hope that this will go live in a few weeks time, and at the moment we're creating some groupings of Dave's work for the experiment. Initially we will be offering some of his colourful Byzantium gouaches, a selection of etchings based on British Calendar Customs, smaller Byzantium-themed oil paintings, and other works on paper.   

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