Monday, 6 October 2014

A successful weekend

Dave's brushes. Photograph: Tobias Pearson 2014

Opening Dave's studio at the weekend turned out to be a big success. We finally seem to have struck the right balance between enabling access for people but also protecting the work. In 2012 fingering the work meant that there was some, fortunately a small amount, of damage done. This last weekend, with improved signage and at least one steward on each floor of the building, it worked well. Visitors were appreciative and clearly enjoyed the opportunity to spend time in the studio, looking at the work that was on display, watching the 'To Byzantium' film or Margaret Mytton's presentation of the 'Book of Revelation' series, or simply enjoying the atmosphere of the building packed with artwork. 

Thank you to Dave Smith, Ella Cole, Kay Kennedy and Tobias Pearson for stewarding over the two days and your support of Chris, Margaret and Bob from the Trust.

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