Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year stirrings

A New Year and things are beginning to stir. First we've agreed with the Bridgeman Art Library (see the previous blog entry) to register Dave's work with them so that there's easy access to anyone wishing to use his images, and also that we've joined the Artists Collecting Society which means a small percentage of any resale of Dave's work would go to the Trust.

So Margaret Mytton and I spent half a day photographing 50 or more of Dave's smaller paintings, pastels and etchings for the Art Library. They require very high quality images as these will be for reproduction purposes. Margaret now has to go through the 1000 shots she took and select the best and then make any final colour balance adjustments they might need before they join a selection of the Byzantium images at the Bridgeman. Once these are transferred over anyone searching for Dave Pearson on the Bridgeman site will be able to pay a small fee for use of the image. 

Margaret is also poised to complete her new Revelations website on-line. You can visit it and see its nearly complete form here.

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