Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Back in Rossendale

Julian Williams texted me 'Finished!' just before 4 to say that he, helped by the painter David Newton, had finally off-loaded and put back into store all the paintings that had been in Bermondsey.They had started at 8 this morning, after arriving back at 3am from London. It's a tough job - large and heavy paintings and steep and narrow staircases; so well done - I'm so grateful.

Margaret is now back at work at MMU, and I'm right in the thick of creating a new show with Horse + Bamboo Theatre (Angus - Weaver of Grass; it goes into rehearsal in less than three weeks). But there's a lot of feedback still arriving on our doorsteps as a result of 'Byzantium & Beyond'. People wishing to visit the studio, usually to buy a piece of Dave's artwork; emails simply telling us how someone was impressed and moved by the show; and lots of people asking to be put onto our mailing list. What's more there's the possibility of a new London exhibition  being discussed - watch this space!

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