Sunday, 29 April 2012

British Calendar Customs

This weekend has been full of work to follow up the incredible response to the One Show piece on the Bermondsey show. The number of people who have signed up to receive information from the Trust has doubled, as has the number of people following our Facebook page and Twitter account. There's also the matter of responding to the many people who have written wishing to buy a painting by Dave. This is far from easy to organise as the London exhibition is not a selling show, in the sense that Crisis, who rent and run the space are not allowed to sell as a condition of their lease, although the Trust can sell works in the exhibition, but only by handing it ourselves - and this isn't easy as we don't have a presence in London. Anyway it has been sorted, offering people a choice of options including meeting up with Margaret on two named days when she will be in London.

Anyway, to lighten the workload, I decided to go through the 10 notebooks that Dave left behind which contains his notes, scribbles and sketches on British Calendar Customs.  There should be 11 but we can't find one of them. These are wonderful - full of the notes Dave made when reading up the subject, and quick sketches that would have provided a basis for the paintings and collages he eventually made. These books reveal yet another side of the artist. Among the pages are a handful of more worked up ink drawings and I include a couple here. Above is a drawing of a Full Moon ritual, and below of 'Dumb Cake' from Norfolk. 

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