Sunday, 1 January 2012

A New Year

This drawing by Dave, part of a typically large set of works in graphite called collectively 'In The Seven Woods', is one of my very favourite pieces and in its richness, in its mixture of imagery that depicts both joy and darkness, it's well suited to express the feelings I have at this time of transition. 

We've a large exhibition to look forward to in April, and on Tuesday I'm getting together with Margaret Mytton and Julian Williams to begin to plan the work that needs to be done. During this period I'm going to be very busy with my own theatre work so I can't dedicate much time to the exhibition. Fortunately Margaret has been awarded research time from MMU to help curate the show (with Edward Lucie-Smith) and prepare the catalogue, and Julian will be able to oversee the more physical work of preparing and transporting the pieces from Rossendale to London. 

The Trust also want to make the most of this opportunity. It's something that we've been working towards since Dave's death and our formation into a trust and we are clear about the need to make certain that the exhibition is well publicised, and that we're in a position to use it to spread awareness of Dave's work. All this needs time - to prepare, to publicise the event, and to have in place press releases, information sheets, and anything else that will help us to put the work on the cultural map. The work starts now...

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