Saturday, 17 December 2011

News from MMU

A small ink drawing from the late 1960s when
Dave's work centered on a Van Gogh theme.

Followers of An Artist's Estate will have noticed a long interval since the last post. Apologies - I've been working on getting two Christmas productions on stage; Margaret Mytton has been involved in one of the busiest periods of work on the Foundation Course at MMU, and Julian and Jackie of the See Gallery have been moving house. 

Now finally things are beginning to wind down, and Margaret emailed me with very good news which will enable her to take a central role in planning and curating the forthcoming exhibition (in April 2012) of Dave Pearson's work at the Bermondsey Place Gallery. She wrotes "MIRIAD - Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design - has agreed to fund replacement teaching time for me during this period. This will be an absolute life saver in that I'll be able to focus almost entirely on the exhibition and the catalogue. January will also be a very busy time in terms of planning for the exhibition and the catalogue..... What it means is that I will remain Admissions Tutor, most of which work I'm able to fulfil away from college....but I will have a period of leave from early February (excluding the interviews) until May."

From what I heard later the offer will extend to supporting the production of a catalogue for the exhibition, which Margaret will co-curate with Edward Lucie-Smith.

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