Sunday, 4 September 2011

Off to the launch of 'To Byzantium' - and afterwards

I'm just about to set off to Manchester's Cornerhouse cinema for the launch of Derek Smith's film about Dave Pearson, the film commissioned by the Trust and the result of over a years filming and editing. I've already seen the film, of course, but am really looking forward to seeing it on the big screen. Some screen grabs from the film below... 

Four in the afternoon, and it's over. What a lovely morning; more than a 100 people at the Cornerhouse screening and all seemingly unanimous in the feeling that Derek's film is a tremendous achievement. It combines an informative approach to the story of Dave's life, with a heartfelt and ultimately very emotional story of his final years, while at the same time giving plenty of exposure to Dave's wonderful work. Derek described it, tellingly, as "a film about friendship".

Lots of the audience hadn't met one another for years, so there was also a great feeling of stories being told, reminiscences shared, and the simple pleasure of old friends meeting up. The group were family, neighbours, friends, ex-colleagues, college people, buyers of Dave's work, and ex-students, with many falling into more than one category. 

Margaret and Derek gave a short introduction; I captured some of it on film, and afterwards we all retired across the road to the Palace Hotel to swap more stories, plan futures, and eat pastries.

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  1. Thank you guys for inviting me to the viewing of this special film about Dave. Thank you doesn't even come close to what you deserve for the work you have all put into the Trust.
    The morning was a moving experience which I enjoyed thoroughly. I invited my step-son-to-be from the Isle of Man and he travelled over to see it. As one of the many people who was priviledged to have been taught or mentored by Dave, I felt honoured to have been there today. I would also like to say that it was always 'Dave and Margaret' who taught, inspired, mentored and befriended so well.Thank you again. x