Thursday, 28 July 2011

A holiday break

I'm taking a holiday break in a few days time so inevitably there are a lot of jobs to be undertaken in preparation both for the launch of the film and for the Open Studio weekend (10th/11th September). Fortunately Julian Williams of the See gallery will be working on things in my absence; so yesterday and today we met with Chris Pearson to discuss the jobs and make various arrangements. 

First a dozen pieces of work were selected from those that remain at Dave's old house (where his son Chris still lives). These are pieces on paper from the last period of Dave's life - mainly gouaches of his hospital experiences. Despite this subject they are glowing with colour and life. They have never been seen so the Open Studio event will be exhibiting 6 or 7 of them for the first time. Julian will take this selection to be framed in the next few days. It is very much a selection - there are probably another 100 in the house. We also noted a minimum of another 1000 pieces of work on paper on the top floor. It never ends....

Julian and Chris will also start moving some of the large pieces between the house and the studio next week, so we can rearrange the display and have new pieces on show for Reveal Open Studios. The film 'To Byzantium' will also be shown that weekend.

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