Sunday, 13 February 2011

Albion's grimy windows

There's nothing back yet from our solicitors with regards to my response about the Estate Duty paid on Dave Pearson's artwork. But no real surprise there.  

Meanwhile I've been working on a poster for the two local schools who have asked to use Dave's large painting of 'Red and Blue Horses' as a starting point for each class to work on an open-ended project. This idea is inspired by the National Gallery's 'Take One Painting' scheme. Above is a photograph of the painting, which is nearly 2 and a half metres high and over 4 metres wide. However the first proof of the poster isn't to my liking and I need to use Photoshop to improve both the quality of the original photograph, and enhance the colour matching. 

The schools have asked for an A1 size poster, which means a fairly large increase to the size of the original photograph. Margaret Mytton took the original as we moved Dave's large paintings out of storage and had to rely on daylight streaming through what she described as 'Albion's grimy windows' - referring to the name of the mill in which they were stored rather than a Blakean reference to the state of the nation.     


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