Sunday, 11 October 2009

Moving forwards

The photograph above is taken from the same place as the one in the 18th August blog. This is the landing at the top floor of Dave's old studio. It shows the walls are now fully plastered and the light fittings ready to go in. You can see that we've removed a door frame and opened out the space. What has to be done now, in addition to putting in the lamps, is painting the walls and general tidying.

Although it may not seem spectacular it needs to be remembered that these walls, and some of the ceiling beams by the window, were riddled with dry rot and this has also had to be dealt with.

So, not bad - but the building work has slowed down in the past couple of weeks as the electrical work and the damp proofing has taken place. We now expect progress on the finishing, painting and flooring. My hope is that by the end of November I can begin my own work, installing shelves and racks, and doing the gloss paint work. Volunteers needed!

Then, and only then, can we begin the process of bringing Dave's painting back home out of storage. An event we'll mark with a party and a sale.

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